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DIY Bridal Shower Annoucements

Sunshine Printables on Etsy

Sunshine Printables on Etsy, a world of easy invites, announcements and cool stuff waiting for you.

Bridal shower announcements and DIY wedding invites were never easier thanks to Etsy shop Sunshine Printables. The shop is run by Sasha who has designed these spiffy invites, just waiting for you to buy, customize and download/print. It’s very easy and most range around $15, unless you need additional color customization, which may run you a few dollars extra.

Not into the DIY If you don’t know what paper to get or how to do it yourself, no worries, you  an buy an optional print package and let her to do the work for you. Her designs are chic and sassy, and we like them.

We found her featured on Design-Swag.

Find out more at SunshinePrintables.Com

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Peshka Handmade Jewelry

Peshka Flower Post Earrings on Etsy

Flower Post Earrings on Etsy, $38 by designer Nitsan, found in Peshka Etsy Shop

Etsy shop Peshka is run by Nitsan. Here you will find handcrafted unique artisan jewelry in high style metals. “My inspiration comes from my extended traveling around the world, exhibitions that I visit and the street-markets in Israel and abroad. Sometimes my inspiration comes from things like a rock or a pendant that I will find in a market and I will build a whole new creation around it, absorbing different elements into my distinct style.”

Handmade Earrings on Etsy floral

The earrings also come in Silver. Lovely!

We could not agree more.   Check it out, Peshka on Etsy

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The Scrapettes on Etsy : A Gem from Scotland

Etsy Shop Digital Downloads Original Art The Scrapettes

Adorable Christmas pack download has the stag deer in it! So cute, from Etsy shop, The Scrapettes!

When we think of handmade goods on Etsy often overlooked are the digital work. One may assume that digital images and clip art are simply selling stock photos, and sometimes this is the case. However, one gem shines among the others. This would be Etsy shop The Scrapettes. *Note broken links removed 10/26/15 the shop appears to be off of Etsy!

Etsy shop The Scrapettes

5 Hand Drawn Scrapbook Papers, $5 from The Scrapettes

Everything within is digital but everything has been hand drawn, painted or original work of the artists, who in this case are Jay & Tash from Edinburgh, Scotland.  Their cute work can be used in your art, designs, scrapbooking and crafts.

Little Blue Dress , Download, Etsy shop The Scrapettes

Marilyn’s Little Blue Dress at The Scrapettes, only $2 download!

If you aren’t familiar with digital download clip art, not to worry, all the work is ready to download once you pay, from Etsy right to your computer.  That means you download and save, and print and use what you want, when you want.  With free shipping, what could be better? This is a shop to watch.

Sorry, this user is no longer registered on Etsy via their Blog, Facebook etc. Shop on Etsy for more great finds at


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Rica Jewels California A Story of Success on Etsy

Rica Jewels California emerald earrings on etsy

Etsy shop Rica Jewels California has these lovely Sterling Emerald earrings with bling! A steal at $42

I asked Daniela Baia just what inspires her to create her lovely handmade jewelry, as she is owner and designer of RicaJewelsCalifornia on Etsy. She explained to me that she grew up as Brazilian girl born and raised in a fashion factory. Her father, was her hero!  Always creating and playing with arts at an early age, it’s no wonder that later in life she obtained her bachelor’s on Fashion Design.

Drusy Pendant Rica Jewels California etsy Shop

Sterling Silver Drusy gemstone pendant is $68.98 and handcrafted by Daniela

After her painful divorce she went to New York City to did her master in business, work and travel the world.
She was Inspired on the worldly culture and beauty of jewelry and gemstones.   Later, she moved to San Diego she was fired up and decided to follow her passion for jewelry by sharing her designs to everyone. Since then Rica Jewels has being a total success. Everything flows to the right direction and she could not love more what she does.

Agage Adjustable ring from rica jewels california shop on Etsy

Gorgeous Agate stone hand selected by Daniela and converted into gorgeous adjustable ring fits sizes 6 to 8, gold plates brass, $29.98.

Her words ”I design with a lot of passion and hopefully, people can wear and feel my pieces and understand how life is truly a blessing. I believe ever piece has a positive message on it”  ring true. That pretty much sums it up, and we couldn’t agree more!

Check out her creations at RicaJewelsCalifornia!


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Wall Clock Handmade in Italy Etsy


I recently discovered wall clock by Bettina Beck, a designer in Italy who calls this wall clock “India.”  Biwi’s Lab is her shop is chock loaded of crafty handmade items from jewelry to clocks, to pretty colored glasses made with hungarian flair but all assembled and crafted in Como Italy.. A must favorite for me, since I’m Italian and love to see what Etsy finds come from all different countries and artisans talents of the world.  This one, approximately $73.70 USD is at BiwisLab on Etsy.

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Bicycle Pillow Cover on Etsy Handmade Andrekart

bicycle pillow on etsy at Andrekart

Is this the coolest pillow  cover you’ve seen in a while? A vintage bicycle and old basket adorns it! Would look great with any decor or with a special gift. A great mix with any mod or retro furniture too! You can get it in size 16×16 or 18×18 for $37.00 from Andrekart  home of Andrea Caroline

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Daphne’s World Paracord Survival Bracelets Military 101

paracord bracelets etsy

Image Courtesy of Etsy at Shop  Daphne’s World

Check out these handmade bracelets, made out of paracord. In case you don’t know, Paracord is top notch heavy duty military cord / rope which sort of reminds you of something between Survivor and Rambo. These are unisex and offered on Etsy at Daphne’s World. They aren’t the mass produced made in China version either. she hand makes them and they are available in many colors. Cost for this style: $9.99 w/free gift.

As of 10.26.16 her Etsy shop was closed. Shame, we loved her braceles!

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