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ScribbleStix Twig Pens

Etsy Wood Pen
Etsy shop ScribbleStix uses locally fallen sticks and twigs to make them into functional pens. These magic little guys will light up anyone’s day. They range in price and are a great gift idea.

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Upcycled Mannequin Heads

Upcycled Mannequin Heads

ira mency

Upcycled mannequin heads at retrochalet shop on Etsy. Old and abused foam mannequin heads are adorned with anything and everything from a vintage pilot’s manual to vintage wrapping paper. This one, an old Spanish newspaper. Talk about eco friendly art…..

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Custom Wedding Portraits at GarryWestPortraits on Etsy

custom wedding portraits

I had to look at this twice to see if my eyes were deceiving me. After thorough review of Garry West’s Etsy shop GarryWestPortraits I realized his painting ability is genuine and second to none. Most are hand painted entirely using a graphics tablet with tools that act just like a brush on canvas. Wow is all I can say. Now you know what to order for the bridge and groom.

Update, as of 10.30.16 the shop is mia, and we have disabled the links.

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