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Artisti Corner, Mali Levi Natural Watercolor Paintings and Prints

Watercolor Painting from Etsy

Tree of Life Watercolor Painting from Etsy Large Archival Print

Etsy shop  ArtistiCorner  belongs to Mali Levi is an Israeli who lives in Greece.  A good friend and artist showed Mali the wonderful world of mandalas and the rest was history.  Mali’s creative side awakened and now lovely painted stones and watercolour drawings have emerged.  You can purchase high quality prints off the original canvas paintings.

Mali Levi watercolor print from etsy

Watercolor Mandala with Butterflies from Mali Levi on Etsy

Mali says, “I’m mostly inspired by the Athenian bright day light and by the colours and sounds of the Ionian Sea.  Because these art works are one-of-a-kind, they are unique gifts for you and your loved ones.”

Catch up with Mali on Twitter, or at

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Kate Thomas Wildflowers n Watercolors


Kate Thomas artKate Thomas has a direct site (Kate Thomas Art)  but is also selling in her Etsy shop, KateThomasArt.  I love her vibrant watercolor creations. She is an artist from Norfolk, Virginia. The work above, “Violet Sap Up Close” is available in her Etsy shop.

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Custom Wedding Portraits at GarryWestPortraits on Etsy

custom wedding portraits

I had to look at this twice to see if my eyes were deceiving me. After thorough review of Garry West’s Etsy shop GarryWestPortraits I realized his painting ability is genuine and second to none. Most are hand painted entirely using a graphics tablet with tools that act just like a brush on canvas. Wow is all I can say. Now you know what to order for the bridge and groom.

Update, as of 10.30.16 the shop is mia, and we have disabled the links.

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Australian Assemblage


assemblage art from etsy Assemblage Art blog recently featured the work of Donna Miller, from Australia who makes these great mixed media assemblage sculptures, found here in her Etsy shop, Pollyannas Secret.

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