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Comic Book Sculpture

Comic Book Head at RetroChalet

Check here for ways to get featured on this blog.

Etsy Artisans showcases handmade sellers. The items must be handmade and not vintage, supplies, or commercial products. Wait, if you have vintage or collectibles or supplies , you can check over at Etsy Rainbows for that.

Earnings Disclaimer:

Sometimes I feature articles where we I may receive commission or monetary compensation for featuring the Etsy shop, or link within the contents of this blog. I should add, I choose the items I enjoy from the sponsored shop.  All the items selected and the opinions of them are my own.

Also , wordpress puts ads on my site, which I have no control over nor do I receive any compensation for them.  That’s just built in by them.


There are three ways to get featured on this site. First you must understand the terms. Quite simply, that I write all articles. If you want your shop featured, I must choose the items that I like best and write my honest comments about them.  Secondly, this entitles you to a link via my blog. Once it is reported to me that your link goes dead  (should you close your Etsy shop etc) the links will be removed!

  1. PAY For a shout out choose this on Fiverr!
  2. PAY For advertising, it’s $30/year for the sidebar, you can contact me via email to:
  3. TRADE Or, you can do a trade with me if you have a blog! This costs zero dollars just time!  If you feature my Etsy shop or one of the blogs below in an article, I’ll do the same for you. Contact me on Etsy at RetroChlalet or text 4109089241 or the email above!

Qualifying sites:

My Etsy Shop – RetroChalet  pick an item and link my shop into a short post!

Or, pick some content below and write about it, with a link to the site!

FOOD:    (BBQ Site)  Talk about my husband’s BBQ and link this into your post!  (BBQ Blog)  (BBQ Blog)

VINTAGE : (Website on Vintage Melmac)


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