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Examples of Handmade

If your wondering what can get featured here, you can handmake the following items:




Craft Kits

– Art

Anything you make or assemble with your own two hands, give us a shout !


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Sapa Coffee Hemp Teak and Topaz

coffee sign handmade

Teak and Topaz adorable sign $7

Today we’ve found this cute little sign by Teak and Topaz, for only $7.   The little sign measures 3.5×7″ and is done in an antique stain with black lettering. Would look cute in a coffee talk type environment.

Talking about coffee, did we mention Sapa Coffee  integrates hemp in their coffee, making it loaded with Omega 3 and 6?  Yep, it’s true.


Enjoy a tall one !

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Wall Clock Handmade in Italy Etsy


I recently discovered wall clock by Bettina Beck, a designer in Italy who calls this wall clock “India.”  Biwi’s Lab is her shop is chock loaded of crafty handmade items from jewelry to clocks, to pretty colored glasses made with hungarian flair but all assembled and crafted in Como Italy.. A must favorite for me, since I’m Italian and love to see what Etsy finds come from all different countries and artisans talents of the world.  This one, approximately $73.70 USD is at BiwisLab on Etsy.

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