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Sapa Coffee Hemp Teak and Topaz

coffee sign handmade

Teak and Topaz adorable sign $7

Today we’ve found this cute little sign by Teak and Topaz, for only $7.   The little sign measures 3.5×7″ and is done in an antique stain with black lettering. Would look cute in a coffee talk type environment.

Talking about coffee, did we mention Sapa Coffee  integrates hemp in their coffee, making it loaded with Omega 3 and 6?  Yep, it’s true.


Enjoy a tall one !

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Personalized Embroidered Totes POWER SELLER ETSY

Personalized Embroidered Totes

This tote starts at only $10…choose the style, color and bow!

Good Embroidery takes time, patience, and investment. Jackie Evans from Jackie’s Personalized Gifts by J knows all about this, she’s been plugging away at her Etsy shop for some time now. Originally on Etsy since 2009, she has sold over 31,000 items. I would consider her one of Etsy’s POWER SELLERS!  Jackie spends her time embroidering handbags, totes and novelty items and takes precision and attention to detail. The tote above is embellished with a ribbon and embroidered.  She gives color options of thread, totes and ribbons. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, she offers quantity discounts making these items very popular with weddings, bridesmaids, and people who like to match.

Choosing a bow may be harder than you think, we love the polka dots!

Jackie is working out of Florence, Mississippi, but how did she get so popular on Etsy ? Well I can tell you as I’ve watched her shop for awhile!  First, she started small and grew her customer base with fair pricing ! Two, she offers options for everyone, so you are able to customize your purchase!  Three, she paid attention to detail and gives great customer service.  So, by being so awesome the customers just adore her, they keep coming back for more.

Congrats to Personalized Gifts by J. 

Etsy Power Seller






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BFF Perfect Gift Photo Frame for your Best Friend

PhotoFrameOriginals on Etsy

PhotoFrameOriginals offers these great double matted frames, handmade in the USA and a great gift idea

Today we highlight PhotoFrameOriginals, a handmade shop on Etsy that makes the best custom and personalized photo frames. About 16×16, sturdy walled/matted professionally this makes the best high quality gift idea for your loved one. This is the “BFF” frame but you can also find gifts for your baby, your loved ones, your family, your friends, parents of the bride or groom, etc.  At $89 they make a great gift idea.

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Tash Tash Jewelry Etsy Artisan With Pizazz

Etsy Artisan Tash Tash Jewelry

Tash Tash Jewelry on Etsy creates unique jewelry wearable from Fimo Clay!

Today’s featured Etsy Artisan is Alena from Tash Tash Jewelry. Creating unique items out of clay, she creates wearable art from Crotia. You would not expect to see a fruit loops ring, or a pizza best friends necklace/ring combo, but here at Tish Tash Jewelry on Etsy anything is possible. Her items are lovingly handmade and we love that about her shop!  Visit her on Etsy to see what she’s creating.

Pictured above: Fruit Loops Bowl of Cereal Ring, only $6.50 (with spoon in it)

update 10.30.16 link removed, it appears the shop is closed.

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DIY Make Your Own Glass Dome Pendants Shop4Charm

Build a Charm Necklace DIY Etsy shop4charm

Photo:  Create your own Glass Dome Pendant at Shop4Charm

Anika owns the Etsy shop, Shop4Charm.  She creates glass dome pendants, but this is more of a DIY shop for her customers!  Customers can create a special momento with a portrait/photo, artwork, quote and the customers can use any image they want. Not sure what you want? Anika has an image gallery they you choose from or to get ideas from- but this ship is highly personalized and customized for the buyer.

custom made pendants

She also keeps is simple. Choose from

Update: Shop4Charm on Etsy is closed as of 10.30.16 shop for other great items!  It is the place to go for making that special gift necklace or ring for mom, or for anyone.

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Bicycle Pillow Cover on Etsy Handmade Andrekart

bicycle pillow on etsy at Andrekart

Is this the coolest pillow  cover you’ve seen in a while? A vintage bicycle and old basket adorns it! Would look great with any decor or with a special gift. A great mix with any mod or retro furniture too! You can get it in size 16×16 or 18×18 for $37.00 from Andrekart  home of Andrea Caroline

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ScribbleStix Twig Pens

Etsy Wood Pen
Etsy shop ScribbleStix uses locally fallen sticks and twigs to make them into functional pens. These magic little guys will light up anyone’s day. They range in price and are a great gift idea.

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