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Anything you make or assemble with your own two hands, give us a shout !


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Sapa Coffee Hemp Teak and Topaz

coffee sign handmade

Teak and Topaz adorable sign $7

Today we’ve found this cute little sign by Teak and Topaz, for only $7.   The little sign measures 3.5×7″ and is done in an antique stain with black lettering. Would look cute in a coffee talk type environment.

Talking about coffee, did we mention Sapa Coffee  integrates hemp in their coffee, making it loaded with Omega 3 and 6?  Yep, it’s true.


Enjoy a tall one !

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Personalized Embroidered Totes POWER SELLER ETSY

Personalized Embroidered Totes

This tote starts at only $10…choose the style, color and bow!

Good Embroidery takes time, patience, and investment. Jackie Evans from Jackie’s Personalized Gifts by J knows all about this, she’s been plugging away at her Etsy shop for some time now. Originally on Etsy since 2009, she has sold over 31,000 items. I would consider her one of Etsy’s POWER SELLERS!  Jackie spends her time embroidering handbags, totes and novelty items and takes precision and attention to detail. The tote above is embellished with a ribbon and embroidered.  She gives color options of thread, totes and ribbons. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, she offers quantity discounts making these items very popular with weddings, bridesmaids, and people who like to match.

Choosing a bow may be harder than you think, we love the polka dots!

Jackie is working out of Florence, Mississippi, but how did she get so popular on Etsy ? Well I can tell you as I’ve watched her shop for awhile!  First, she started small and grew her customer base with fair pricing ! Two, she offers options for everyone, so you are able to customize your purchase!  Three, she paid attention to detail and gives great customer service.  So, by being so awesome the customers just adore her, they keep coming back for more.

Congrats to Personalized Gifts by J. 

Etsy Power Seller






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Psychic Readings by Grace Faith

Psychic Grace Faith on Etsy

Etsy is a place for handmade, so what better than a customized reading for you?  Grace Faith, who is an Asian Top Psychic now offers services on Etsy. Eight questions answered for $45.   Her profile indicates that her father taught her how to read people’s feelings. Psychic Grace Faith says that she reads energy and has successfully given advice to some of Asia’s celebrities to prevent scandals before they happen.   This would be great for fun or for your future!


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DIY Bridal Shower Annoucements

Sunshine Printables on Etsy

Sunshine Printables on Etsy, a world of easy invites, announcements and cool stuff waiting for you.

Bridal shower announcements and DIY wedding invites were never easier thanks to Etsy shop Sunshine Printables. The shop is run by Sasha who has designed these spiffy invites, just waiting for you to buy, customize and download/print. It’s very easy and most range around $15, unless you need additional color customization, which may run you a few dollars extra.

Not into the DIY If you don’t know what paper to get or how to do it yourself, no worries, you  an buy an optional print package and let her to do the work for you. Her designs are chic and sassy, and we like them.

We found her featured on Design-Swag.

Find out more at SunshinePrintables.Com

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Handmade Ceramics at EmyLiaStone

Ceramics, really?  Not the kind your grandma made, but chic and hip adornments for your home.  Here are our top picks from Etsy Seller EmyLiaStone , whose ceramics are made with love in her spare time when she’s not raising three kids or working for a non profit. Painting in her rural setting in Salem, Massachusetts, this crafter has a lot of items in her shop.

Angel Wall hanger from Etsy

Angel wall hanger, $11 from Etsy Artistan Shop EmyLiaStone

ceramic wall planters etsy

Decorate with these decorative wall planters, $30 at emyliastone on Etsy

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Near and Deer Faux Taxidermy

Faux Taxidermy deer on Etsy

White and Bronze Deer, ready to hang, $89.99, Etsy shop Near and Deer

We just love the handmade creations coming from Near and Deer, including fake deer taxidermy. You can enjoy the wonderful look of deer in your home without actually hunting or hurting any wildlife. Great for the country chick or cabin decor, and you can pretty much order any color you need. Made of a high quality resin these handcrafted handmade items come ready to hang. You provide sturdy screws or nails and have something pretty to look at!

Deer on Etsy in Purple

 Lilac / Lavender option also available for $89.99 on Etsy!

These deer are our favorite, and you can get them in special colors to match your decor starting at $89.99. They also have other options such as fabric covered specialties in their shop.   Lead time is currently under a week, but check the shop for changes. The shop is ran by Lindsay and Rick from Stewartstown, PA.

Go there now –> Near and Deer on Etsy




Read more about this store:

See source article from Etsy Rainbows.

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Peshka Handmade Jewelry

Peshka Flower Post Earrings on Etsy

Flower Post Earrings on Etsy, $38 by designer Nitsan, found in Peshka Etsy Shop

Etsy shop Peshka is run by Nitsan. Here you will find handcrafted unique artisan jewelry in high style metals. “My inspiration comes from my extended traveling around the world, exhibitions that I visit and the street-markets in Israel and abroad. Sometimes my inspiration comes from things like a rock or a pendant that I will find in a market and I will build a whole new creation around it, absorbing different elements into my distinct style.”

Handmade Earrings on Etsy floral

The earrings also come in Silver. Lovely!

We could not agree more.   Check it out, Peshka on Etsy

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Pink Mouse Kids on Etsy Children’s Couture Clothing

Etsy Shop Pink Mouse Kids

Little Fiona in Lace, available in sizes 2T-14, $54-$74

Pink Mouse Kids  Karyn says, “Sewing is in my DNA and I love it when kids wear my clothing and those clothes make them smile.” We can see why. These cute handmade couture creations are available in most sizes from Toddler up. Many fashionable styles and pretty fabrics make them oh-so-pretty.  Made in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Tennessee, her work has won several blue and red ribbons at the Appalachian State Fair and appeared in Model’s Life Magazine .

Connect with Pink Mouse Kids on Etsy!

Connect with The Pink Mice on Twitter!

“Like” Pink Mouse Kids Boutique on Facebook!

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Crazy About Wire Etsy Shop Wire Wrapping At It’s Best

wire wrapped pendant on etsy zoisite

Stunning Zoisite wire wrapped pendant on Etsy, $40.00 from Crazy About Wire

One Etsy shop, called “Crazy About Wire” curated by owner Joanne from Chico, California is basically, crazy with the wire. She chooses lovely stones and sets them off in a pretty simplistic approach. You won’t find tons of wire hiding the prettiness of your stone. It’s a perfect balance as you can see with the zoisite stone above, one of the most interesting examples of that rock we’ve seen in a long time!

Crazy About Wire necklace on Etsy

Wire wrapped necklace combines beads and natural stones to adorn your neck $50 at Crazy About Wire.

That’s not all. This shop has some wild over the top wire wrapping techniques we’ve never quite seen before. This is the style used to make gorgeous necklaces made of of small to medium stones. Wrapped in a way they look more like a fluffy adornment to your sweater or shirt than an actual old boring necklace.  For $50 these are a unique and wonderful gift idea.

What are you waiting for?

See more examples at Crazy About Wire on Etsy.

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